Our Service List


We help you bring together the right people at the right time and make collaborative decisions that move everyone forward together. Interested in working with us? Check out the service list below to explore what we do and how we do it.

I. Collaborative Strategy and Planning

Collaborative strategy and planning can help you accomplish any of the following:

  • Strategic planning,   
  • Start-up strategy and planning,
  • Transition strategy and planning for initiatives that are merging, dissolving, or undergoing major personnel changes.
  • Revenue planning.

Each member of your team - board, staff, and stakeholders - help to create plans they can own and support. Everyone walks away with clarity about the following:

  • The changes you want to create and the specific strategies and tactics you will use to achieve them,
  • The outcomes you will use to measure progress;  
  • The strategies you will use to raise the revenue and develop the skills needed to accomplish your goals.

II. Meeting, Retreat, and Forum Facilitation

Our meeting facilitation process begins with us helping you clarify your meeting's purpose. Then we work together to assemble a planning team, choose a meeting space, and prepare a compelling invitation. Next we work together to design an agenda that will inspire and engage your group while accomplishing your goals.  

At the meeting, we provide facilitation and support to encourage full participation, promote mutual understanding, foster inclusive solutions, and cultivate shared responsibility. 

Afterwards, we deliver a detailed written report that outlines the ideas, goals, and next steps that were generated at the meeting.

III. Community Engagement

You understand why it is important to include clients, community members, and stakeholders in all aspect of your projects - from helping to identify issues and make decisions about how to address them to evaluating progress along the way. But community engagement isn’t easy, if you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to develop and maintain strong relationships with diverse groups.

We can help.

We use a variety of techniques – from simple to cutting edge - to help you create a public engagement strategy that best meets the needs of your community. Then we work with you to engage stakeholders, gather input, find common goals, and create opportunities for authentic collaboration.

Our community engagement services can include facilitating or providing project management for any of the following:

  • Advisory committees,
  • Large and small-scale community meetings and forums,   
  • Focus groups,
  • House meetings, 
  • One-on-one interviews, 
  • Surveying.