What We Do

Gather is a collaborative strategy and planning firm that helps mission-driven organizations and initiatives solve complex social challenges.

We specialize in supporting multi-stakeholder collaborations that are improving community health and well-being.

Our team members are organizational development consultants with decades of experience working in and for nonprofit organizations and public agencies.

We are experts at helping diverse groups of people collaborate to build successful initiatives - both within organizations and across communities. We also plan, design, and implement community engagement projects for organizations and municipalities that are seeking to partner with stakeholders and community members.


Case Studies

A few recent projects are described below.

  • Defining outcomes and measuring success: A private foundation wanted to create a mechanism to assess the efforts of its grantees and track the foundation’s progress toward achieving large community-based outcomes. We helped them gather a committee of staff, trustees, community partners, and grantees. Then we led them through the process of creating a logic model and theory of change to guide their grant-making.  The models illustrated the short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes they are seeking to accomplish, identified the indicators they will use to measure progress, and explained the rationale and assumptions that guide their strategy.
  • Merging two organizations with complementary missions: The leaders of two long-established, mission-aligned organizations sought our services to determine the feasibility of merging their organizations. Over the course of three months, we worked with both organizations and their funding partners to recommend a merger structure that would allow them to deliver more and better services at lower costs.  Over the course of the next four months, we guided a joint committee of board and staff members through the process of legally merging their organizations and creating a new entity. 
  • Guiding an organization in flux: The leaders of an organization in transition enlisted our help to determine their next steps. Over the course of six months, we worked with the board, the staff, and their funders to assess the organization's options. Then we helped them transfer their programming, program staff, and assets to two partner organizations with similar missions and officially close their doors.
  • Re-imagining an outdated program strategy: After thirty years of providing emergency financial assistance to families in crisis, the leaders of a community-based nonprofit organization worried that their work was not doing enough to address the root causes of poverty. Over the course of six months, we worked with the organization’s board, staff, and stakeholders to redefine the organization’s vision for community change, broaden its purpose, and expand its program strategy to include a comprehensive job-training initiative. Then we helped them seek funding to cover start-up costs for the new program.
  • Creating a collective cross-sector initiative: A group of community leaders that included staff from local foundations, churches, a hospital system, a health department, and various nonprofit organizations enlisted our help to create an integrated network to support improved public health outcomes in their city. We facilitated a 3-month planning process that included creating a vision, a mission, and values for the initiative; identifying focus areas, priorities, goals, and outcomes; and forming working-groups and an adequate organizational structure to get the work done.
  • Engaging community members: A small liberal arts college looking to strengthen partnerships with the community around it, enlisted our help to facilitate discussions with local community organizations, students, faculty, and staff. We facilitated a process to help stakeholders identify partnership opportunities and generate ideas to help the college better utilize research, service learning, and experiential education opportunities to improve community well-being.

Our team members work out of offices in the Upstate of South Carolina, the North Carolina Sandhills, and Atlanta, Ga.